Helping smokers discover a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for over 20 years and quit in 1 day with the help of electronic cigarettes. The anxiety you feel when you think about quitting is normal and it will almost immediately disappear as soon as you pick up your first e-cig. You can still enjoy everything you love about smoking, but without the harmful carcinogens. Watch some informative video vaping reviews on the hottest vaping devices and premium e-liquid available on the market today.




A review of the KangerTech SUBOX Mini starter kit (black edition). The KBOX Mini 50w box mod combined with the SUBTANK Mini airflow controlled clearomizer make for an excellent vaping setup for current vapers or...

A review of the new Reactor Starter Kit by Halo Cigs. The Reactor is a 50w box mod with a 4400mah battery capacity. It comes with a stainless steel, adjustable airflow Reactor tank that holds 5mls of e-liquid. Halo has also just released...

This new E-Pipe starter kit is a great way to switch from tobacco pipe smoking to e-pipe vaping. The E-Pipe 629 features a new Liquamizer vaporization technology that provides superb flavor and vapor production.


Halo Cigs: Reactor Starter Kit
Kangertech: SUBOX Mini Kit
ePuffer: E-Pipe 629 Starter Kit

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The Dripbox starter kit is an all-in-one 60w bottom fed RDA and Dripmod with a 7ml e-liquid capacity. The kit includes: the Dripmod with Subdrip. Together they are roughly 4 ½" in height by 1 ¾" in width. The lower level includes the...