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Has your BO Vape or JUUL battery died? Won’t draw? Won’t charge? This quick DIY tutorial might just breathe some life back into your battery. Works for BO Vape and JUUL batteries. Possibly more!


myblu is one of the newest click style pod systems to hit the vaping market. The pods contain excellent coils that can handle more than one filling of e-liquid. In this video, I'll show you how to save money be refilling myblu pods ...

A demonstration on how to refill BO Vape pods. The BO pod vaping system is a perfect way to quit smoking cigarettes. It features an automatic draw and comes with pre-filled nicotine salt in 1.5ml e-liquid pods at 3.5% nicotine..

How To Refill Bo Vape Pods

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An unboxing, review and how to build a coil with the Coil Master DIY Kit V3.0. The Coil Master starter kit comes with several hand tools, a spool of 24g Kanthal wire, organic Japanese cotton and the 521 Mini V2 tab ohm reader.