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I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for over 20 years and quit in 1 day with the help of electronic cigarettes. The anxiety you feel when you think about quitting is normal and it will almost immediately disappear as soon as you pick up your first e-cig. You can still enjoy everything you love about smoking, but without the harmful carcinogens. Watch some informative video vaping reviews on the hottest vaping devices and premium e-liquid available on the market today.




The G6 Starter Kit by Halo Cigs is a great kit to start vaping with. Perfect for beginners or experienced vapers. Satin finish batteries and refillable cartomizers make this American made product a must have for those looking...

A review of the NJOY Recharge starter kit. The Recharge is ideal for current cigarette smokers to try out vaping without purchasing a big starter kit. This is a beginner kit, but NJOY also offers intermediate and advanced vaping...

This new Magnum SNAPS E-PACK may be the future technology of analog style e-cigs. The new patent pending magnetic design separates this electronic cigarette from the rest. ePuffer also offers several flavor...

I started with the original blu starter kit and it helped me switch to vaping. This blu PLUS+ electronic cigarette starter kit is the newest version of blu eCigs rechargeable kits. Several new upgrades are featured in this kit.

NJOY: Recharge Starter Kit for Beginner Vapers
Halo Cigs: G6 Starter Kit for Beginner Vapers
blu ecigs: blu Plus Starter Kit for Beginner Vapers
ePuffer: Magnum SNAPS E-PACK for Beginner Vapers

Whether you are a current cigarette smoker or you just kicked the habit by switching to vaping, this is the place for you. The first step to quitting cigarettes is the desire to want to stop. I was feeling sick for the last five years that I smoked, so I was looking for the magic pill. I tried cold turkey tactics and even hypnosis, but inevitably I ended up with a cigarette in my hand. Eventually, I had friends that were making the switch, but I didn't like the devices that they were using. I loved everything about smoking except for the side effects, so when I saw a TV commercial featuring a cigarette type battery I decided to take the plunge. I spent one day vaping and smoking. At midnight, March 12, 2013, I smoked my last cigarette and happily haven't looked back. Within three days of vaping, I noticed a difference. Everyday you feel better. I think that I topped off around six months cigarette free. I compare it to twenty pounds being lifted off your chest. I started running again which I hadn't since I was a teen and have lost about 10 pounds or so. There's proof that vaping works so during the process just remember to keep calm and Vape on!

The products in this section will help you on your journey. I now use advanced vaping products, but I had to start with something a little more familiar to cigarettes. Everyone will have different likes and tastes, but if you're new to vaping or thinking about making the switch, then analog or also called cig-a-like batteries may make the transition much easier and comfortable. If you want to just try vaping before jumping into a starter kit, then disposables are a great way to start.

Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping!

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Beginner Analog Ecig Starter Kits