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NJOY: Vape Pen Starter Kit

Vapor4Life: Wow Vapor V-Kit

A review of the NJOY Vape Pen starter kit. The Vape Pen is a perfect entry level vaping kit. It features a 650mah rechargeable battery, a Top-Fill tank, a USB adapter and a wall charger. NJOY also offers intermediate and advanced...

The Wow Vapor V-Kit by Vapor4Life (V4L) is a convenient and portable vaping kit that holds all e-cig essentials. The case features a strong magnet to keep your V-battery, V-cart and e-liquid from falling out. The battery can also...

L-Rider:Glory Tank and Lambo 6.0

A review of the Glory Tank and Lambo 6.0 from L-Rider. The Glory Tank is a 4.5ml, bottom dual-coil clearomizer with airflow control. The Lambo 6.0 is a 20w variable voltage and wattage mod. It features a standard eGo fitting, blue...

L-Rider:Glory Tank and Lambo 6.0

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

The Triton Starter Kit by Halo Cigs is an excellent kit for transitioning from analog style batteries to bigger eGo style batteries. They have a KR808D connection so you can use many types of cartridges and tanks to use with...

Halo Cigs: Triton Starter Kit